Bookbinding and Bookprinting

 Give the perfect look оф your print edition, fashion catalog, wedding album, corporate publications, sketches or memories. 

 We will offer you our know-how from our many years of experience, together with the latest technologies in the field of printing and book-printing. Trust us for the layout and design, as well as the paper, covers, and finishing services.


Print medias

 We know that a stylish and impressive print edition impacts the reader. Paper, strength, color and finish of your catalog, book or presentation play a significant role. We have a huge selection of papers with different weights, colors and textures. We will offer you the most suitable option for your needs. Simple newsletter or a luxury photo catalog - let us together select by purpose, effect sought and your budget.


Binding techniques

 At Copycom Bulgaria, we combine traditional methods of binding with the latest technological innovations in digital printing. We offer robust and reliable techniques that will give your product a finished look - thread sewing, wire stitching, thermal bonding. Also, binding with a simple spiral - universal and fast, a hidden spiral - an elegant and stylish solution, as well as non-standard methods of fastening for bulk products. You can choose from hard and soft covers, laminated or recycled cardboard, as well as textiles or leather. 


Finishing and special effects

Put an accent or stylish finish on the print edition with special printing techniques. We can offer laminate, lacquer, gold stamping, grout and personalization. Contact our consultants for the full range of special printing options we offer. Make your wedding album special, the corporate annual report impressive, and your presentation memorable! 


Печатаме за вас корпоративните ви издания или персонализирани стилни изделия като сватбени албуми, модни фото каталози, фотографски и арт портфолиа, корпоративни публикации, отчети с визуални елементи, корпоративни годишни доклади, архитектурни албуми, чертежи и скици.

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