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We will offer you solutions that are right for your business and tailored to your requirements and capabilities. 

The business needs fast and efficient communication, short lead times and uncompromising quality. We know that!

Who we are

 During the past 10 years Copycom Bulgaria has been following its ambition to be a reliable partner in print advertising services. With the accumulation of experience and professionalism we can safely declare that we have established sustainable partnerships with small and medium-sized companies, as well as with some of the most influential representatives of the construction, engineering and architectural industry in Bulgaria. 

 Our priority is to understand your needs and offer the best solutions for one more organized and focused business. Copycom offers you a high quality corporate service, speed and effective communication with an account manager who knows your business. The 24/7 service and free delivery  are our compliment to you! 

 As a modern and fast-paced company, we are looking forward to being part of social initiatives, sponsoring various projects and supporting the professional development of young architects, designers and advertisers. Copycom is a company that is constantly investing in new technologies, machines and printing equipment to be up to date with the global treds. 

 And last but not least - we are constantly striving to keep up with the latest production systems to stay true to the green company management philosophy, increasing resource efficiency, expedient waste management and more high energy efficiency. 

Business Services

How we work?


1. We receive an order

Send us your drawings, plans, design of brochures, print business cards or roller banners. If you need an advice, our account managers are at your disposal. 


2. We process your order

We process your order and distribute it to one of our specialists (design / prepress / printing / finishing services). We will contact you if we need any further details.


3. We deliver to your office

Once your order is completed, we deliver it within the agreed terms - free of charge within Sofia. We also offer delivery through country.

Our Credo

 "I believe that success is due to a lot of hard work, perseverance and a constant striving for development and improvement. I believe that at Copycom Bulgaria we have built a  a team that shares the same passion for what it does. Stable business partnerships and satisfied customers show us that we are on the right track. Thank you!"

14900405_10209535874527263_3241924686024599827_n.jpgBorislav Rangelov, CEO

Защо Copycom?


Работим бързо и качествено

Свържете с нас бързо и лесно по всяко време. Изпратете заявка. Нашият екип и техникaта, с която разполагаме, ни позволяват да изпълняваме различни по обем заявки в наистина кратки срокове. С отличното качество, което познавате.


Предлагаме всичко - от идеята до готовия продукт

Ще получите цялостното обслужване по заявка - от криейтив и идея, през дизайн, предпечат, печат, довършителни услуги и доставка до офиса за бизнес клиенти.


Приемаме ви лично

Знаем, какви са особеностите на вашия бизнес и имаме индивидуален подход към всеки от вас. Това е персонално отношение. Защото се радваме на вашите успехи и бързаме заедно с вас, когато е спешно!


Работим 24/7

Ние работим за вас денонощно. Това ни позволява да сме изключително гъвкави в сроковете и да реагираме и на по-спешните заявки. Приемаме вашите поръчки по всяко време и започваме тяхната обработка веднага.


Доставяме безплатно в София

За ваше удобство предлагаме безплатна доставка на корпоративни заявки в рамките на София, както и доставка в цялата страна. Пуснете поръчката си с два клика онлайн и получете готовите си печатни материали на удобен за вас адрес.


Предлагаме отстъпки

Имаме специална социална политика за студенти през цялата година, както и оферти по време на сесии и заверки. От преференциални условия и отстъпки могат да се възползват и нашите корпоративни клиенти. Попитайте своя акаунт мениджър.

Some of our clients

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We will offer you business services, which are backed by over ten years of experience and a team of young and ambitious professionals. You will have the opportunity to speak with an account manager, receive an individual offer and consultation and take advantage of preferential terms.